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Oh, god, I hate working with new character voices. *shudder* Beware of Corporal Levi and let me know if he's OOC, I think he's the most likely... *scowls at Corporal Levi*

“Check the map again, Jaeger,” Levi ordered, keeping his eyes ahead. “We’re getting close and I don’t want to miss it.”

“It’s got a wall just like us, you can’t miss it,” Eren complained, but he checked the map anyway, unfolding it and holding it over his horse’s head.

Not two weeks before, they’d finally crossed the stretch of land between Trost and Shiganshina and gotten into the cellar, underneath the rubble of what had once been the place Eren called home. Inside that cellar was a desk, and on that desk was a letter and a map.

The map centered on their own ‘stronghold’ (which was neither strong nor a remarkably effective hold), showing all three walls outlined in black, but then, some ways to the southwest, there was another circle, marked with one word: Shamballa.

Absently, Eren touched his coat pocket, where he’d grudgingly folded up the letter and kept it. His fingers tightened over it – it must be a mess by now, with how many times he’d crumpled it – and he ran over what it said again.


I’m sorry that I had no time to explain, but you must understand, it was of the utmost importance, and I could not explain before – you were hysterical, and you certainly weren’t ready.

Take the map below and show it to the Scout Regiment – I know you wanted to join, Eren. It reveals the location of Shamballa, a cluster of countries that also survived the initial surge. Like us, Shamballa built a wall to protect them from the titans. Unlike us, they have only one wall.

However, I made this map for a reason, not just to show you that there are other survivors. Shamballa is a large district that contains five countries: Drachma, Creta, Aerugo, Xing, and, most importantly, Amestris.

Amestris is in the central country of this formation and the reason I have written this letter. The other four rallied around it when the titans attacked because they have been researching a science for centuries, a science which may be able to defeat the titans: Alchemy.

As I write this letter, the outer countries have not yet ventured to make contact with Amestris – something along the lines of it being too aggressive – however, by the time you find this, they may have.

Please, Eren. Find Amestris. Ask for their help.

    -          Doctor Jaeger



Levi’s voice broke Eren out of his trance and he shook his head, looking down at the map, then checking it with their surroundings.

“Yeah, we’re almost there,” Eren muttered, folding it back up and putting it away.

“We need to go a little farther east,” Mikasa corrected, drawing her horse away from Eren’s. Eren hadn’t even realized she was looking over his shoulder.

Levi nodded curtly to Mikasa and adjusted their course accordingly.

They’d brought as small a group as they could afford; titan population was less dense outside Wall Maria, but there were even fewer places where they could use their 3D Maneuvering Devices.

Still, Levi had brought only a few select soldiers; only Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Connie, and Sasha were with him on the way to Shamballa. It was a small team, built for getaway rather than combat, but it would have to do.

There weren’t a lot of soldiers they knew they could trust.

They’d been travelling for several days, the first few of which Armin had been alternately terrified and energized, and they were nearly at the wall. Eren spent hours at a time scanning the landscape for either titans or the walls, whichever came first.

From the looks of it, it was going to be the wall. Eren was actually somewhat disappointed.

Then again, being feverish and ill, as his transformations tended to leave him, when they made first contact would probably be a bad idea.

The sun was falling in the sky when the wall emerged over the horizon, and Eren’s eyes widened as Levi’s voice snapped out sharply,

“Speed up! The wall is within sight and I’d like to reach it before nightfall.”

“Yes, sir!” rang the answering call, and their pace sped as they focused on the wall ahead.

Soon enough, the large stone wall loomed over them, tall and menacing. The strange thing was, while a watch tower stood directly before them, there was no gate in sight.


Levi frowned, evidently having noticed the same thing, but nodded once. “What are you waiting for?” he snapped at them, annoyed that they weren’t following his unspoken train of thought. “Climb the damn wall.”

“I don’t know,” Armin said uneasily, reaching for his gear anyway. “If they can take on the titans, I’m not sure I want to offend them.”

“Yeah, that’s because you’re sane,” Connie muttered, but he was reaching for his, too.

As it turned out, there was no need; they’d apparently been spotted, because one of the two watchmen, far above them in the tower, climbed out and did something that brought a crackle of strange blue lightning surging down the tower, morphing it into a steep ramp. Was that alchemy?

A moment later, the figure jumped onto the ramp, easily keeping their balance and sliding all the way to the bottom.

Levi urged the horse forward, eyes narrow and intent as normal, and watched the figure, now much clearer, approach them with a confident, steady gait. A man, Eren realized – no, a boy, not much older than himself, with long gold hair like a girl’s and suspicious gold eyes, wearing a long red coat that billowed slightly.

“Who the hell are you?” the boy demanded, voice low and cross.

“Corporal Levi, leader of the Scout Regiment,” Levi replied, voice even, gaze unwavering. “This is my squad. We’ve come representing the only other known human stronghold.”

The boy’s eyes narrowed. “Yeah? I’ve heard of you guys, but not much. Word is you’re not doing much better than we are.”

Levi ignored the comment and asked instead, “Who are you and can I actually expect to get anything of any use out of you?”

The boy raised an eyebrow, but then smirked and held out one gloved hand. “Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist.”


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Far from done, I got an ace up my sleeve: my genius younger brother he's the best writer I've ever known.
P.S. Norman's transition from an everyday person to a hardened bow gunner seemed rather fast for me too. That's how I'm going about this and I'm treating the views like the adults, like I expect them to see both franchises and know the premisses.
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